How to stay fit on holiday

July 4, 2017


When I post my exercise video on social media, someone commented kas has a gym over the world! 

I really like the expression and realised it should be. Yes, exercises do not have to limit certain place!  We can exercise in an airplane or airport or anywhere you go if you want.   I am going to holiday for 2 weeks soon. So I am planning to think the way I can continue exercise so that I do not lose muscles I have built. 


I am sure we will be walking more than now when we are at abroad. So what I need to do is a strength training and flexible training during holiday. 

Dumbbells are too heavy to carry around. So what shall I do?


I will take a hard tube and a mat with me.  So I discovered the tube is very versatile and useful to use on move. 

I actually use the tube for my clients before moving into a full strength training.  However, I think the tube is also useful for those who have been doing power training for a quite long time.  They tend to have a bad posture and less flexibility.  The mobility of tube can be used for correcting muscles and flexibility training.  Of course, I would use anything. 

Maybe I will take a mat with me. This is the first time I intend to take exercise kits on holiday and I am really looking forward to doing on my holiday. I am planning to take a pose in front of Angkor Wat!! 

I am planning to take a picture on the Mecong River Too! 


My first stop is Doha. And I choose the hotel with full equipments of gym and exercise class during a day.  ( as Doha is very hot, over 50 degree, I had better stay hotel during day time) 


I understand many people forget exercise on holiday like I used to be. This time, I will travel on my own and I decided to do the exercise friendly holiday.  hopefully I will build more muscles and leaner body when I come back.  My body fat went down from 23% to 18.5% lately but I have not achieved 6 packs yet. It is doubtful that I will get a 6 pack after all pregnancy and menopause but I just want to try my best. I have the most strongest core. So if I achieved 17% of body fat and I still have no 6 packs, I will have to give up because 16% on me is not healthy. But I am trying!! 


For those who interested doing a tube exercises, I have uploaded some tube exercise on instagram and twitter. So please check it out!!   The both names are as kazoukfit. Do follow me, there are very healthy and yammy Japanese recipe in there too.  My recipe is unique, low calorie, no frying, full of nutrition though it does not look marvelous.  In fact, they are tasty than the look. I do not use sugar or salts either.  







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How to stay fit on holiday

July 4, 2017

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