How to sculpt body without losing weight

November 23, 2016


  As all we know, losing weight as a goal is not very difficult, expecially if one is already over- weight. The challenge comes when one have lost a considerable weight and then wish to trim a few kilo gram and reached time to sculpt body you wish to have.   This is the second stage.  ( a sculpting body ) the advance stage is to change body shape and type without changing a total weight.   ( It will involve the change of fat mass percentage) 


 Our body show what kind of exercises we mainly do!!  Observe !! Runner's body, Wreslers body. Swimmers body.  Rugby players body, gymnast body... You can see all are distinguishly different. what type of body you wish to have?   The difficulty I sometimes face is a request to lose waist line and belly from someone who is under weight.  This is often a case from Japanese clients.  They are underweight in govement guideline, so I do not want them to lose more weight but most of them have a high fat percentage because of their poor diet and a lack of right exercises.   Therefore, my focus will be on fat percentage and a toning body.  It is hard to lose only waist line and tummy but they can be achieved as fast as a month.  Typically,they are often bloated due to poor diet ( Well, many are obsessed with Michelin cuisines, in my terminology, the rich, tasty diet is often poor diet.   Therefore, some change of diet together with exercise work very well. The best way to improve health is to know what you eat and you are able to cook for yourself.  All my clients saw the big change between a month and two months. In fact, just only after three sessions if they gave me food diary and they have not done proper exercises previously.  


 The key to the change of body type is food selection and the selection of exercises.  Cutting out some type of foods and drink from which the client take regularly and does not make their body good comes first.     Then we do lots of cardio with core exercises followed by toning with a core exercises. 

As we do not want to lose weight, the amount of food often increase. And an amount of exercise also increase.  The progress is not fast as much as a weight loss plan but it can shows by tape measurement and fat percentage scale. When waist line and belly became flat, health is also dramatically improved though they do not realise the benefits much.  Many are not possible to change their lifestyle due to work commitment which involves restaurants and business drinks.  Whatup monitors with clients helps to refocus.  I have to keep on reminding them things they already know. 


If you remember, I was a fat middle age woman stayed at home.   The best I think it worked for a shaping body around belly and waist line was dancing. Dancing involves a lots of twist and cardio,

explosive rotation and leaning using all over the body. The best of all, it is fun and you will change your shape without realising.  The type of dancing I recommend is not a tango or kizomba. I do zouk lambada dancing, which I think is the best work out for women.  For men, social dancing which require to have a frame make a  beautiful body.  However, The dancing mentioned above is not for everyone.

It is sensual and it requires a healthy body. If your body is inalighned or have weak neck or knees, back, this dance cause issues. 



if you do not know what to do, I think you can start salsa or swing.  doing zumba is fine for burning fat but it does not define your shape. If you have time, I think taking up comtemporary dance or jazz dance could be the good way, but it requires a basic rhysm. So if you are not good at Rhysm, bachata may be a good start.  As a calorie consumption, jive would be one of the hardest. 

In some reseach, dancing prevend from getting dimentia.  As I mix with young people, it is also good to keep you younger!!! 





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