Yammy healthy breakfast & dessert

October 13, 2016




  I recently discovered the yammy, healthy breakfast which can be eaten as a dessert as well. ( Time saving but a perfect brekfast for the healthy life for the busy people ) 


If you use the jar, you can eat it net morning straight from the fridge, no time wate in the busy morning.  when I get hungry during a day, I also eat this as a snack too.  You can eat it as a dessert 

if you can add a bit of maple syrop or ripen banana if you do not want to add any sugary staff. 

It tastes so good and all are healthy, a full of anti-oxiddant and good protein and a pack of fibers, omega3 and good live bacteria.  A crisp and sharp green apple and pecan and cinammon match very well with a plain yogult.  Choice of your fruits enhance the taste. Oats are filling longer, it is good for controlling hunger and insulin too. 


Get a glass gar.  You need 1. Plain yogult ( I buy 0% fat greek yogult)   2. Oats 

3. Chea sheeds ( I use black one )  4. Nuts ( I use almonds and pecan )  5. Flacseeds 

( I buy cheap flaxseeed with     from Aldi)  6. Fresh  Fruits ( Green apple is nessesary, then I add berries or banana. Colour is beautiful with strawberry and blue berriy )  7. If you do not like thick, add 

almond milk. 


all these ingredinents layed in a jar little by little.  Maybe three layers.  Between the layer, add cinamon and maple sylop.  When you want to eat it as a dessert, just add a little more sylop or ripen banana if you do not want to add extre sweetness.   This breakfast is yammy, a full of antioxidents from berries and apple, a lots of protein from greek yogult and chea seeds and oats.  a plenty of fiber from flaxeeds and fruits.  The mixture of gree napple and cinammon is tasty.  The jar is a quite big, so you may be able to eat only 1/3 in the morning.  Good thing of this is you can eat throughout of the day when you are hungry. It keeps your insuline level control.  Instead of eating sugary snacks, you can eat this between lunch and dinner, or you can eat at dinner.  


As a variation. I make a hot porridge and pour over this mixture on it with extra cinamon for a cold day.  It makes delicious, aheartful, rich breakfast.  You can add extra nuts or cinammon depends on your taste.  I really love the taste. It is quite fulling, so you may only eat this in the moring. Or you may add a toast. ( Brown toast for a weight loss) 


I always recommend eating breakfast regardless client's goal.  Lots of people do not have a habit of eating breakfast.  However, I do not recommend eating a massive potion of breakfast as I used to do!!! ( My stomach got big!) 




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