January Blue

January 29, 2016


I have been instructed with Ladies who have been suffering Yo yo diet for the past decade( 10 years) 

She said it was the time to make a period to suffer yoyo diet and she want to be truely healthy.

She said it was her fate to caught my name from Japanese community page.

She is 160 cm and 60kg. Not too heavy for European Standards but she thinks she wants to lose weight more than 10kg as she used to be 50kg. ( I asked when and she said 30 years ago)

She said she did all sorts of diet, namely everything. ( I did not know most of them) 


Althought it is possible to lose weight 10kgram in 3 months, I said it is not going to be healthy.

It would be another YOYO diets habits if she lose weight dramatically with three months and will baounce back again.  I explained the importance of life habits to make exercise your habit and new friends, she agreed to lose weight geadually 5kg for three months. 


She understand and agree with it. And she said she wants to start 2 weeks later. 

Then I know this is an alarming sign she is not confident to start right away.

Most of enquiries who wish to start more than 10 days or more tend to disappear

and she contacted me 4 days before of starting new session. 


She say she will try to do first on her own. Which is great. But she said she has been gym member for the past 7 years and she hardly go there. And numerous numbers of yoyo diests experience make me worry. I let her go without saying my concern as I felt I failed to stress this is not losing weight course

this is new life style which you get like exercise, new habit she does not rely on fad diets, new healthy life.  But it is not me to achieve this goal. Without her trust and determination, goal cannot be achieved. I feel sorry that she may have missed the chance of changing her life for good. 

As I will give my tips of exercises and super diets here, hope she can have some tips from here!! 

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