A Kaz' power drink !! 10 years healthier, 20 years look younger and 30 years fitter!!!

September 1, 2016



To be honest, I have never used to be a fan of a protein drink. I thought the artificially fortified drink aside a proper meals are not nessesary and it is not nessesary for general people as long as people gets proper nutrition at right time. 


The problem is how many people can think of a balance of nutrition each meal and every single day. 

Ideally, freshly prepared meal at right timing a day is the key of healthy weight.  But can you cook every meal by yourself?  Can you take the meal at the right time you need it?   Most people are too busy to cook every meal.   So the preparation ahead is a key if you wish to avoid the last minute take away food or convenient foods which could be a full of sugar or chemicals. 


I wake up early to parepare a detox drink at first to detox the body.  It is made of filtered water and a lemon juice and grated ginger and cucumber and mint. As you are cutting several ingredinents, I also prepare smoothes and protein drink for a day.   The ingredinents and its percentage are differed day by day, depends on your goal. In my case, I do not want to gain weight but want to gain the moderate lean muscles. The protein drink I make contribute on managing weight as well as speeding up the recovery from a hard training.    If your main purpose is to gain muscles and weight, you will have to make differently. 


I tried taking a normal protein drink at first such as whey protain or mixed protain powder called "collegen powder" from my protain and they are not bad at all.  When I have no time to make my own drink, I will use it but they often contain flavourings, colours and sweetners in it although protain rates are high.

( 75% - 90% per 100g)   As I use fresh ingredinents such as 50% of  fresh vegitables ( Kale, Spinatch, Pea shoots, cucumber, ginger, coliander, italian pacely, celery ) and 40% of Fruits ( Blueberry, Rasberry, apple, pinapple, mango etc) , the flavoring from the purchased protein powder often interract with the natural taste and therefore the drink became artificial taste which I do not like.   So I decided to make my own protein drink.   


If you make own protein drink, you can control the amount of protein so that you can adjust for your desired goal.   My purpose is a lean muscle and to maintain healthy weight, I do not need high protain as I eat fresh fish and soya products quite often.   There are many kinds of pure protain such as whey, peas, soya and hemp. I use hemp protain from Pulsin at the moment.  It is suitable for vegan and gluten free, dairy free, soya free, no added sugars or sweetners.  The rate of protain is 47gram out of 100gram in contrast to 83gram out of 100 gram from commercial protein powder. Still, the amount of protein is still high.


 What i like this protain is it can blend into my smoothes naturally and never overdominated. And this pure protain contains high fiber which is great for controling weight and cholesterol level.  The best of all, This pure protain is much cheaper than the commercialised mixed protein powder.  But If you do not have time, you can used it occationally, especially immediately after the hard workout.  I normally recommend taking it for the people who wish to gain muscles.    For those who wish to lose weight, this can be used but it needs a special knowledge and techniques.   ( Ask me more details, the tactics for those who have already lost 1-2 stones need to change the way to take foods as body get used to your diet) 


For your convenience,I recently find lovely taste smoothie mix powder which contains 40grams out of 100grams.  It happens to be same company product but I was not paid to say this!!  My current favorate apart from my own hand made drink is pistatio flavoured protein shake powder. ( Gluten free, high protain, high fiver, low sugar)   But the best drink is a hand made, of course!!!  I always change ingredinents but I always put ginger, celery, spinatch or kale, blueberry or strawberry, mango or pinapple or apple or banana in it. all are organic where possible ) Further more, I also put flaxseed or chia seeds, greek yogult. Furthermore, when I have more time, I also put a maca powder or matcha or baobau powder.   Finally, I add almond milk and a filtered water to the right taste.  


I normally make three drinks.  Before exercise or breakfast drink and post exercise drink to heal muscle recovery if I am doing weight training.  The difference before and after is easy. I just add Matcha for the pre-exercise.   In this way, I can use my energy to make lunch less because I already have enough protain, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals from vegetables and fruits to keep me going to supper time!!  My lunch can be simple, such as omeletes with salads and small potion of brawn rice or brown pasta.   I also take handmade healthy snack with me. So I will post about this snack another time. I recommend making own power drink to my clients and they are very happy with the results to show their body.  The third drink is berley tea for general drink, it goes with meals. 

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