The day I cried at gym

July 8, 2016


Oh my gosh, the gym I am currently placed is incredible, a great team work I have never experienced.  Not only the team, the members are incredible. I think it is because outskirt of London?  It is like an extended family. Today, there was a big incident happen to me at the gym. 

I burst to cry and it could not stop for all afternoon.  my eyes are sore now. It is not because of I was sad or hurt or even happy. It is because just a few words from one of the member touched me.  I had never spoken to her before. I am here only 10 days.  I have worked 10 days in a row. ( 3 July) 


She came up to the Gym desk and told me, " You are wonderful, you made our club alive, you brought a fresh air to us! I mean it! Please stay with us and never change as you are " I was so shy to accept her compliments and try to shy away, but she firmly holds my hands and said, " If you ever had less busy time, come up to me, can you do a massage? I can give money for that " " I can do a massage to you but I cannot accept money because I am not qualified for that " " Listen, you are marvelous, you are a magic!! All other PTs are no good, you changed everything in this club now, please never ever forget, you stay like as you are! we are watching you " " You know what, you are a fighter, a fire!!!" ( !! How does she knows how I am?? )   At that time, it reminded me of the reason why I had to fight to this degree, that is whyI started to cry.  The reason I hold an incredible drive.  And I know from the tone from her voice, she was really touched by my drive and supporting me.  Maybe she also know that there were no new pts survived in the past three years despite recruiting every two, three months.  Being hired at renowned gym is the firce competition but suviving the industry is much more hard to do. Over 90% of new PT have to change their direction in a year. 


A fews day back, when I was carrying out with complementary session with one of member, a lady came up and wispered the guy " You got the best one! " and she disappeared to the studio. the lady may have been her.  I thought someone was secretly supporting me but I did not realise that I gave such strong impression to the lady.   Then I started to cry because I may have been extraordinary working hard and it was unusual for general people.  I did not realise how I was working hard. I am always intense. We PT earn almost none for the first few months and most have second and the third job.  We PT do not work for money. We all love the industry and our mission. 


A few days later, another friend who is also a member of this club said " standing at the entrance was your idea?  That was so good, no one ever thought of, you have great strategies " she said no one ever did like that. yes, I did stand at the entrance and talked people at the cafe and hand out towels to member who entering the room and greeted and introduced them by myself.   Those attitudes may have been extraordinary actions for them.  When I was in my Gym, I have always felt that why all the staff do not smile at members and greet us? They hardly say good morning or bye to us. No smile, often chat each other.   I always thought, I would smile and greet anyone anytime anywhere if I was to work at Gym. I did not like the PT who ignores us apart from their own clients.   Receptionists are important to do this role in particular and I find this club are very good.  and most of them are as young as 17. I find it is incredible.  However, I did not feel a vibe from this club when I first visit this club. I do not know why. People are very friendly and nice.  But I did not feel an energy.  I am famous having high energy. I must have brought an energy to the club. Manager also said I brought a team liveness.  Other PTs seem to have started to work harder.   In theory, we are colleagues but can be a rival at the same time because we have to build clients in a small club.  I am grateful that the opportunity that I can contribute something to the society. That is what I have always wanted.  I wanted to have my place. I wanted to have my second family. I wrote in my CV, I would like to bring positive revenues to the club I belong and I would like to offer more than my role required.  At least, I am contributing the latter one. I am hoping to bring the highest revenue to the club in a year as I have always done in my past.   I want to make people's life change and I know I am the right person who can.  


" I want to be charisma PT " said to my friend.  the friend who comes to this club laughed at it and said "you already are! " winking at me.    Another friend said " my husband said if Kazuyo cannot do, no one can! "  Now , I need to prove this.  This memeber keep on supporting me, " This lady is one in millions !!!" called to her cycle mates when passing by.  I really do not know why she is so supporting this old oriental lady so much, but I appreciate someone appreciates what I do here every day.  We human being are designed to move heart.  Shall we live to full because the life is once and no time to moan or regret or inactive. 

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