The danger of skinny fat - I would save his life!

June 22, 2016



What I love my job is that I could save someone's life, can change their lives let alone improve one's life quality. This is the job I have dreamed of. 

The Chinese guy I have known for ages at the gym is proud of his toned body and his regular exercise.   My recent favourite topic is a body composition as I now recognise the body composition is much more important than weight. I fascinate to monitor my fat going up and down depends on the type of exercise I do and the type of food I eat.  Eventually, I found out what exercises and what food intakes work the best to lose fat percentage for me!! 


Although I am an extraordinarily fit for my age and BMI has been 19-20 which seems to be an ideal, I find very hard to get rid of my wobbly bits around the belly. My fat percentage is not bad and it is a borderline between average and a lean.   If I am trying to lose my fat percentage to 17-18% my belly may be slimmer, but it may not my best health. So I am aiming for 19%.  After having raised 2 children, I should give up having a six pack toned belly.  Well, looking back, I have never had a skinny belly in my life. And I am kind of cherishing the wobbly bit. 


Then I found the science report that the skinny people who have more fat around belly have more health risk than the obviously overweight people.   According to statics, this is proven to be true and 

the fat around tummy need to concern more than the overweight people who carry fat all over the body.  I talked about this story to this guy with an enthusiasm.  It was as if I am trying to convince myself that I should work for the skinny tummy.  


Then he asked me how to find body fat. So I took him to the machine and showed how to find it out. The machine needs t know age and a height and your goal.  I was surprised that he was 67 and he looks much younger than the age, can look like 50. He looks fit as he has muscles. I thought his fat level is average for his age.  Then he just showed me a little wobbly bit around his belly but the belly is not obvious and it easily disguises under the t-shirt. when we found out his fat percentage, I was shocked because his body percentage is 28% !! Which is very high because men should be about half of ladies fat level.   It never occurred to me he carry such high-fat level and carry the high health risk.  This is an alarming sign  he has visceral fat in his organs internally and his arteries have a build up plaques.  It is shocking because he looks so young and fit.   He does not know his fat level is high.  I explained this to him and asked what kind of food he eats normally. Then he said he eat fried food every day.....( Chinese meal) 


I explained he has to change his diet with his wife from now on.  exercises will not help if he carry on eating such high fat every day.  I was genuinely worried about the risk of health in future and I offer to help his diet.  His face changed a little but he said he was Okay to do by himself and would talk to his wife.   So I did not offer any more. But I do not think he took this seriously and I do not believe he and his wife would not take an appropriate action by themselves as changing diet pattern need so many efforts, especially if all the family love Chinese foods.  At least I was able to give an awareness of what to eat in future and hope his family makes an action plan as soon as possible.   Guys, please find out your body composition even if you are slim!!!  Well, I will also make a new goal to obtain fat 19% despite the fact I have the best weight at the moment.  It is possible to change body composition with maintaining the same weight.  Just replace body fat to lean muscles!! (Grrrrr) 


In my platinum package, I measure body composition, hip and waste ratio, weight, arm and thigh and fitness test to find out how many yours you can live ( It is quite accurate according to Brazil research findings) and cardio test and strength test and flexibility test and curriculate your daily calorie intake in order to reach for the goal we decided within agreed time scale. It is scientifically accurate to do so. 


The picture - Kaz's easy, nutritious, low calorie meal for a healthy weight  - Cauliflower & Broccoli & sweet potato & chick peas pilaf with baby kale and baby spinach salad with peanut butter topping  ( grate cauliflower and Broccoli with vita max and add chick peas in it, then put them in microwave for 2 minutes. That is all!! Eat with baby leaf salad with a scoop of peanut butter. ) Calorie under 440 same as sweet bread but this has full of protein, vitamin, mineral, omega3 fat, and low calorie. Great for diet period. You can add avocado or chia seeds if you wish)   



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