Learn from the top league of the top life expectancy in the world

March 3, 2016


I love weekly "COACH" magazine. ( www.coachmag.co.uk) the magazine contrain latest trend of exercise and information with style and it is free!!! It is an amazing information for anyone must read.

I sometime buy men's health or women's health magazines but this weekly magazine are the best.


In this latest issue, there is an article about "Turning Japanese" - Japanese diet are even better than Mediterranean diet.  You need to take note, Japanese is not only the top league of the top life expectancy, they are the healthiest of life expectancy.  The research about Japanese diet showed the yadhered to the official Japanese guidelines with a score out of 70 in comparison 47 out of 70 in Britain.


My clients who have signed up for a fat loss package will get a guideline how to moniter their food intake and prepare for healthy diet and keep track what they are adhering to as well as exercise regumes!  Surprisingly 80% of my clients are standard weight of BMI or even under scored. However, They want to trim their weist lines more.  They do not have a dictionaly of obese or 10cm excess fat. The 3cm on your waist lone is the big issue to them.  They are not fat. It may be an excess fat in a part of body.  As long as it keeps a healthy line, I will assit them to feel a satisfaction.  

On top of it, they do not drink much alchohols and less or none of junk foods.  So how do we take it further?  Amazingly, most clients do not eat breakfast.   Some do not want to change whatever it is. The one lady who took my advice saw a big change in her body within 2 weeks.  if you instruct specialist, I hope you are prepare for changing your lifestyle.  




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