All program are tailor made for your individual needs except online special starter session.


For those who wish to lose weight, nutrition advice is a part of most packages. Each package is designed to be time efficient but can be adopted for those who wish to be taking slow, steady pace.  If there is no specific request, the well-balanced mixture of cardio, endurance, strength, core and flexibility is a key for beautiful body and health.


The program will be varied according to client body imbalance, weakness, and preference with an agreement. Normally  I advise for the client to have 1.5 sessions at the first and the second session so that client can experience many styles of exercises to choose from and I can assess client's ability and weakness and strength and needs accordingly. Clients can express a preference and I can explain the needs of exercises to focus on to achieve your goals, suited one for next session and also the program clients can happily carry out at home alone.


Each session, the exercises are modified according to progress and change of focus, keeping some effective ones.  For those who wish to be motivated regularly must choose Premium or Fat buster package.  If appropriate, clients will be encouraged to take participate in outdoor sports and dancing or a different type of exercises.  I can help to start those activities too.

 The Effective Package Plans to suit for your time and budget. 

 Talk to me if you cannot find any plan you are expecting otherwise. For example

 For a couple, 30 minutes together, 30 minutes for male and 30 minutes for lady

 is recommended for the effective outcome. Call or email - Consultation on the phone or skype -    fill out PAR Q form and pay the price -

 After confirmation, some instruction on the phone, skype before the first full session


  * Premium Ultimate Body Sculping Pack 


     2-3 times a week of  training for 3 months (30hours), a dietary

     advice, and a monitor by text, telephone or skype throughout to

     achieve your goals, suitable for wedding preparation or an entry for

     competition or a special goal.

     Body measurement, nutrition advice, and lifestyle consultation,

     after care up to 8 weeks included with great care for £ 1800 ( Money back will

     Money back to be guaranteed if you do not achieve a goal after a daily report.

    ( payback to the amount of the ratio you have paid which did not

     achieve despite a daily report  and an adherence to the program

     * except a finding of a medical condition)   £ 2800



   * Fat Buster Weight Loss Pack 


     10 sessions during 2-4 months to make a healthy

     exercise habit and healthy lifestyle, nutrition advice, a lifestyle

     consultation included  for £600- (£60 per session includes nutrition advice) 

     15 sessions for £900 (£55 per session)


   * VIP Regular Client - Limited Number 


     Once or twice a week exercises for an indefinite period. 

     Four times a month £220 for a standing order.  £420  8 times a month

     Maintenance client once a month £65 (75min) 

     Kaz takes only up to 5 clients only at one time.  Where space is full,                    students who have completed a  package will be prioritized.  

     Every 28th  of the previous monthly payment with a standing order.  


          A month notice is required after the minimum six months commitment.

    The top-up is £48 per session or £52 if you wish to start in the middle of the month

.    Early cancellation will be liable for the remaining months or 

     cancellation charge or wish to do more than the usual session.

     You can top up one session £50-£55 depends on your course.


 * Trial session ( Just one session)  - a one-off session for £60


     A variety of introductory exercise of 60 minutes and further 30-40  

     minutes of nutrition and a lifestyle consultation are included 


   - clients who wish me to travel more than 1 hour, a travel fee will be added.

     ( No extra fee for those who live in central, NW, W, SW, TW or Surrey )  

        ONLINE  ( only for people who live abroad) 


Those who do not have time to plan and cook healthy meals which need for your quality of life, Kaz teach some easy and healthy cooking to transform your inside of the body. Moderate exercise plan and coaching are included in this plan. It is suited for those who have a busy life, unhealthy diets, older people who have not exercised for a while or wish to change

lifestyle step by step steadily.    *  20 sessions £900




  Regular or One off for party or family event  -  can corporate with dance exercise

  or pilates or yoga      

  From £100 per hour session for corporate  £80 per couple

  Dance / Burlesque 1 to 1  £80   up to 3 £100  up to 20 £200



   Suitable for rehabilitation from injury such as back pain, knees operation etc. The older generation or inactive who are new to exercises, those who would like to correct posture for your health, to increase flexibility to have a healthy balanced body. 


 I promote for a balanced body which is beautiful and also healthy. Some people need to focus


      Core strength and  Body shaping


Lots of people want to lose fat around waistline or belly. More important thing is how core affects on your posture and back. 90% of a population do not have correct posture and this lead back pain in later life.  

It is important to strength core for health reason let alone beauty reason. 

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